SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer

Sliding Door Closer

Sliding Door Closer

Self-closing keeps door closed, without electricity need. It's easy and energy saved. Gaining the most by limited budget.

Transformable Locks

Transformable Locks

The interchangeable parts, make one lock work out extra models like Dummy, Switch, Cylinder and Indicator.


D&D SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer Service Introduction

D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. is Taiwan SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer supplier and manufacturer with more than 14 years experence. Since 2002, in the Builder Hardware Industry, D&D has been offering our customers high quality SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer production service. With both advanced technology and 14 years experience, D&D always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer

3SDC-280 series

Self closing sliding door closer, Manual sliding door closer.

SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer - Self closing sliding door closer, Manual sliding door closer.
Self closing sliding door closer, Manual sliding door closer.

This sliding door closer is a relatively inexpensive door closer for home improvement. It keeps the sliding door always closed without electricity. It stops the insects and dust from coming into house. The spaces of indoor and outdoor are isolated easily.


  • Closing door automatically.
  • The electric power is not needed.
  • Body length: 28” (711mm), max. opening width: 48” (1220mm), suit for the door width up to 48" (1220mm)
  • If the rolling system is smooth enough, even our light duty one can operate a 70~100kgs door. 
  • Different power forces including light, medium and heavy duty for your selection.
  • With adjustable closing speed.
  • Different brackets design suitable for different doors.
  • 100,000 cycles tested


Article Nr. 3SDC-280L 3SDC-280M 3SDC-280H
  Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Power force-start (kgf) 1.2 1.5 1.9
Power force-extended (Kgf) 2.7 4.1 6.1
Maximum Door Weight (Kgs) 70 100 TBC

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