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Sliding door closer
3SDC-280 series
Sliding door closer
3SDC-280 series
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Sliding door closer, 3SDC-280 series
Suits for your sliding doorscloses automatically and smoothly. The electric power is not needed.
Keeps the air conditioning stay inside, save the power in hot summer. It is installed in smoking area to make sure the door close any time after people are in and out frequently.

1. Closing door automatically.
2. The electric power is not needed.
3. Body length: 28” (711mm), max. opening width: 48” (1220mm), suit for the door width up to 48" (1220mm)

4. If the rolling system is smooth enough, even our light duty one can operate a 70~100kgs door. 
Article Nr.            3SDC- 280L 280M 280H
  Light duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Power force-start (kgf) 1.2 1.5 1.9
Power force-extended (Kgf) 2.7 4.1 6.1
Maximum Door Weight (Kgs)        70 100 TBC
based on smooth rolling system with less than 1.0kg stable moving force, (for reference only)

5. Different power forces including light, medium and heavy duty for your selection.
6. With adjustable closing speed.
7. Different brackets design suitable for different doors.
8. 100,000 cycles tested
9. Videos:  

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