Glass Shower Door

Glass shower door / D&D Builders Hardware Co. located in Taiwan, is a professional custom hardware manufacturer with rich experience in producing the OEM/ODM door and window hardware, building hardware and automotive parts according to customers' individual needs and designs.

Glass Shower Door

Glass Shower Door - Glass shower door
Glass shower door

Are you looking for the hardware of your new project? Or you are designing for a new hotel or hospital?
If yes, then D&D Builders Hardware’s hardware would be one of your choices.
Our hardware could make your shower room become more elegant and comfortable.

We manufacture glass hinges, glass handles, glass clamps, glass door knobs, pull bars and towel bars, which are 100% made in Taiwan with reliable and stable quality.
Therefore, you do not have to search many suppliers to complete your project, but only D&D, we could apply all the hardware you need at once.

Just for your reference, we provide OEM and ODM services too; can produce the products according to your requirements, or designs or samples if there is a certain quantity.
Also, we can use our laser machine and put your brand logo on the product to create your company's brand image.

Please feel free to view the hardware of the shower door as below,

  • C Pull / Push Handle - Grab Bars,Towel Bars, Commercial Standard Door Pulls
    C Pull / Push Handle

    Our HP-02 is suitable for timber, framed and frameless glass doors, it is the ideal choice for commercial, industrial, residential, shopfront or shower door.Other dimension demand, please specify the dimension and finish for pricing.

  • Pull Handles, Towel Bar - Brass Towel bar
    Pull Handles, Towel Bar

    Our towel bar is 100% made in Taiwan with reliable quality, if ther is other size or shape needed, you're welcome to contact us and provide your drawing, we would love to help you customized the handle which can fit your need.

  • Glass Free Hinge, Glass to Glass, Inswing, 135 degree - Glass Free Hinge, Glass to Glass, Inswing, 135 degree
    Glass Free Hinge, Glass to Glass, Inswing, 135 degree

    D&D glass free hinge uses a pivot to connect two brass parts which hold the glass panels. Our GHN-01-135-IN is a pivot hinge for inswing glass door, one part is fixed on the wall and another to hold the glass panel. The opening angle can be up to 135 degree. There is no spring inside, so a door can stop where you open. Please check the door is inswing or outswing before you purchase.

  • Glass Clamps
    Glass Clamps
    NC-1 series

    There are two types of NC-1 Series, If you are going to install on flat surface or square tube, please select #NC-1F. If you are going to install on radius surface or 2” round post/tube, please select #NC-1R.

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  • Door & Window Handle
    Door & Window Handle

    A window handle is used to manually open or close a door. There are various handles for windows for selection.

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