Door Hardware

Sliding Door Closer

Sliding Door Closer

Self-closing keeps door closed, without electricity need. It's easy and energy saved. Gaining the most by limited budget.

Transformable Locks

Transformable Locks

The interchangeable parts, make one lock work out extra models like Dummy, Switch, Cylinder and Indicator.


D&D Door Hardware Service Introduction

D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. is Taiwan Door Hardware supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 2002, in the Builder Hardware Industry, D&D has been offering our customers high quality Door Hardware production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, D&D always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Door Hardware

Opening & Closing

Door Hardware - Door hardware for wooden door, glass door and aluminum door
Door hardware for wooden door, glass door and aluminum door

We produce many kinds of door hardware for swing door and slding door. The hardware is attached to a door or a window to enhance its functionality. These items of door and window hardware fall into several categories, such as door closers, floor springs, electromagnetic locks, electric bolts, electric strikes, exit devices, door coordinators, door guards, peephole viewers, deadlatchs, hookbolts, deadbolts, hinges, door stops, sliding rollers, door knobs, glass clamps, glass hinges, glass patch fittings, glass patch locks, push pull handles and etc.

  • Door Closers - Hydraulic door closer and Pneumatic door closer for storm door and swing door
    Door Closers
    Door closer

    We produce various types of door closers, includes sliding door closers, storm door closers, pneumatic door closers and hydraulic door closers.

  • Floor Springs - Floor spring for commercial door
    Floor Springs
    Floor Hinge

    The floor spring is designed for commercial doors and heavy doors. It can make door hold open at 90 degree or non-hold open.

  • Exit Device Hardware - Exit device includes panic bar, door coordinator and outside trim
    Exit Device Hardware
    Exit device, door coordinator and outside handle for secure egress doors

    Our exit device is also named crash bar, panic bar, panic device or a push bar. The panic bar unlocks a door during emergency conditions.

  • Access Control - Access control for security
    Access Control

    Our access control includes Electronic Access Control Hardware, Electro Magnetic Locks, Electric Bolts, Electric Strikes, and Card Readers, which support the act of accessing.

  • Door Locks - Deadlatch, hookbolt and deadbolt for mortise lock set
    Door Locks
    Deadlatch and Deadbolt mortise lock set

    The door locks require a pocket, which is cut into the door for locks fitted, including deadbolt, deadlatch, hookbolt and mostise lock.

  • Cylinders - Mortise cylinder and European profile cylinder
    Mortise cylinder and European profile cylinder

    Our standard types of cylinder include rim mounted cylinders, europrofile cylinders, key-in-knobset cylinders, American round mortise cylinder and oval cylinders.

  • Door Guards - Door flip guard, chain guard & slide bolt for door security.
    Door Guards
    Door flip guard, Chain guard & Slide bolt

    For security, a door guard makes people watch over the slim door gap to make sure the visitors outside. A door chain is a device to secure door opening.

  • Door Handles - Lever handle, storm door handle, sliding door handle, flushmount handle
    Door Handles
    Lever handle, Storm door handle, Sliding door handle, Flushmount handle

    Door handle is used to manually open or close a door. There are various handles for Windows and Doors for selection. including push and pull bars.

  • Door Catches - Door catch, roller catch, ball catch
    Door Catches
    Roller catch and Ball catch

    Door catch is also named roller catch and ball catch, which make sure the door closed completely.

  • Door Stop - Door stop, door holder
    Door Stop
    Door Holders

    A doorstop is also name door stopper, door stop, door holder or door wedge, which is used to hold a door open, to prevent a door from opening too widely or striking another object.

  • Pivot Hinges - Pivot hinge, intermediate pivot
    Pivot Hinges
    Pivot hinge and intermediate pivot

    Pivot hinge pivots in openings in the floor and the top of the door frame.

  • Sliding Rollers - Sliding roller for timber door and aluminum door
    Sliding Rollers
    Roller of sliding door

    The rollers are used for timber sliding doors, sliding door with aluminum frame, pocket door or glass door. The rollers can be mounted on the floor track or be suspended from a track on the top of door.

  • Door Bolts - Flush bolt, dustproof strike, door bolt
    Door Bolts
    Flush Bolts, Dust Proof Strikes

    A door latchbolt acts as a ramp to push the bolt in while the door is being closed.

  • Door Hinges - Door hinge for aluminum profile door
    Door Hinges
    Door hinge for aluminum profile door

    The hinges with two leaf or three leaf are designed for aluminum door system.

  • Door Viewers - Door viewer and peephole viewer
    Door Viewers
    Peephole Viewers

    A peephole allows the people behind the door check visitors outside without opening the door.

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