Glass Hardware

Related Hardware of Glass / D&D Builders Hardware Co. located in Taiwan, is a professional custom hardware manufacturer with rich experience in producing the OEM/ODM door and window hardware, building hardware and automotive parts according to customers' individual needs and designs.

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

D&D's 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer is a semi-automatic style door closer. When the door is opened, the self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically, the smooth closing performs just like an electric style automatic door.The eco-friendly 6 SLIDEback sliding door closer is a non-electrified device, just add SLIDEback sliding door closer on the sliding door to have a door operate like an automatic sliding door with noise reduction, energy efficiency and saving money.

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Our glass patch lock PLI-10LR series applies for the fascinating frameless glass doors and it is a simple and elegant lever handle lock set for frameless glass door in the private environment. We developed an extensive series of glass patch lock for single action door with radius shape and mechanical latch, including dummy model, lever switch model and euro cylinder model.


Glass Hardware | Door Closer & Hardware Manufacturer | D&D

Based in Taiwan, D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO., since 2002, is a Glass Hardware | door closer & hardware supplier. Main products, including door hinge, door handle, door lock and cylinder, door closer, door accessory and so forth.

TÜV Rheinland & UL certified door closer and hardware production from designing, molding, plastic injection, stamping, forging, die casting to CNC machining, has over 20 years with plentiful experiences in handling various architectural hardware. SLIDEback sliding door closer, the patented connecting design provides various applications for different sliding doors, and the connection and separation switching bar design allow having a door with or without auto-closed function.

D&D has been offering customers high-quality door closer and hardware, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, D&D ensures each customer's demands are met.

Glass Hardware

Related Hardware of Glass

Glass Hardware - Glass door knob, glass clamp, glass hinge, glass handle and glass connector
Glass door knob, glass clamp, glass hinge, glass handle and glass connector

Our glass hardware is a group of metal hardware used for protection, decoration, and convenience in glass doors.
Such as the Glass Patch Fitting, Glass Patch Lock, Glass Clamp, Glass Hinge, Glass Pivot, Towel Bar, Push and Pull Handles, Knobs, Glass Connectors, and Glass Sliding hardware, which support glass door and make door work better.

All of our products are 100% made in Taiwan with reliable and stable quality.

If you are looking for glass hardware for reselling, please feel free to view the following products that we are producing.
I believe your customer will be satisfied after purchasing our products.
And you do not have to worry about receiving the customer’s complaint about our product anymore.

If there is any item you are interested in, please let us know the item number, quantity, and finish you need.

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  • Glass Patch Lock - Glass patch lock
    Glass Patch Lock
    Glass Patch Locks

    D&D glass patch lock kits are intended for use with frameless glass interior doors, office doors, and sanitary doors.Our glass patch fitting offers the advantages of flexibility for the consumer. Complete compatibility with current industry standards for glass preparations for 8-12mm toughened glass is without difficulties.Our glass patch locks apply for the fascinating frameless glass doors. We developed an extensive series of glass patch locks for single-action doors in the private environment.More and more buildings adopt glass doors to give people interesting insights and beautiful views. D&D glass patch lock kits open up new pages and create smooth functional areas for interior doors.

  • Glass Lever Handle - Glass lever handle
    Glass Lever Handle
    Glass Lever Handles

    A lever handle is combined with a glass lever fitting as a complete lock set.Per your request, we could produce the lever handle in stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or…Also, the length, shape, finish, and size could be customized, we can meet nearly any design requirementAll of the glass lever handle is made of high-quality materials with beautiful quality you can touch.Please share your drawing with us, our R&D team will evaluate and give you some comments if there is any place that needs to be adjusted to make it a better handle.

  • Glass Patch Fitting - Glass patch fitting fixed at the corners of glass
    Glass Patch Fitting
    Glass Patch Fittings

    The patch fittings are used for tempered glass assemblies, either internally or externally.D&D’s glass patch fittings are 100% made in Taiwan with reliable and stable quality, it is available for 10mm to 12mm glass, and of course, if there are other special needs, just feel free to contact us anytime. We could evaluate the possibility if there is a certain quantity.

  • Glass Hinge - Glass hinge, shower hinge
    Glass Hinge
    Free Hinge, Shower Hinge, Adjustable shower hinge, Glass fitting

    D&D has a wide range of glass hinges, glass fittings, and shower door hinges, which are produced with great precision. D&D glass hinges use the latest technology to conform to the standard of industrial and commercial buildings. These glass hinges are in various sizes, shapes, and opening angles, some shower hinges offer adjustable angles for easier installation as well.

  • Glass Door Pull - Push pull handle, towel bar
    Glass Door Pull
    Locking Ladder Pull, Hollow and solid push pull handle

    The hollow or solid handle is used for commercial glass doors. D&D produced many types of glass door pull in different shapes, materials, and sizes for customer selection.You’re welcome to browse the glass door pull as follows, or if you want to be more efficient, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, and let us know your need, we will try to find a similar or same handle for you shortly.

  • Towel Bar - Towel bar
    Towel Bar
    Towel Bar

    A towel bar is a horizontal bar a few inches from a wall for holding towels, normally, a towel bar is installed in a bathroom, shower room, or toilet.Although you might find the shelf with a towel bar, two in one, but honestly speaking, it will be more convenient if it is purchased separately, because if the shelf and towel bar are combined together, sometimes the towel bar will be too short, which is not practical… Anyway, it is up to personal habit.D&D provided many different types of towel bars, and we had OEMs for our customers too.

  • Glass Door Knob - Door knob, glass door handle
    Glass Door Knob
    Door handles

    A glass door knob is an attached object used to manually open or close a door that could be single mounted or double side mounted.Customized shapes or sizes are acceptable, please feel free to send your drawings or samples to D&D Builders Hardware Co. in Taiwan for our further evaluation.

  • Glass Clamp - Glass clamp for balustrade
    Glass Clamp
    Glass clamp

    D&D glass clamps in 304 or 316 stainless steel are designed to hold glass panels firmly in position, could be available with flat or tubular mounting for glass shelf or glass balustrade.We have different models for 6 to 12 mm glass as well, or if there is another special need, it will be very welcome if you are going to send your inquiry to us directly.

  • Glass Connector - Glass connector, glass clip
    Glass Connector
    Glass connector and glass clip

    A glass connector is used to hold and connect two glass panels in a fixed position.It is a simple accessory but very important if you select a glass connector with bad quality, and then it might be very dangerous after using a period of time, so don’t save the money for this, a good quality glass connector can protect your family and make your home a safe place.If you did not find a suitable glass connector, please feel free to send us an inquiry directly.

  • Glass Pivot - Glass door pivot hinge
    Glass Pivot
    Pivot hinge of swing glass door

    D&D glass pivots are designed for frameless glass doors, the top and bottom pivot hinges replace traditional patch fitting to support frameless glass doors.There are two series for different areas; one is for commercial buildings and another for shower rooms. However, if there are other shape needs, we could customize them for you too.

  • Glass Sliding Hardware - Sliding glass door hardware
    Glass Sliding Hardware
    Hardware of sliding glass door

    Are you still looking for a manufacturer of glass sliding hardware?If yes, why not consider D&D Builders Hardware, we produced all our items from Taiwan.And as the experience of producing and exporting for many years, we believe our quality will definitely satisfy you.You are very welcome to view some hardware of the sliding glass door as below.We could also customize the hardware and laser your logo on it per your need; just feel free to share your drawings or samples with us now!

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