Glass Hardware

Sliding Door Closer

Sliding Door Closer

Self-closing keeps door closed, without electricity need. It's easy and energy saved. Gaining the most by limited budget.

Transformable Locks

Transformable Locks

The interchangeable parts, make one lock work out extra models like Dummy, Switch, Cylinder and Indicator.


D&D Glass Hardware Service Introduction

D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. is Taiwan Glass Hardware supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 2002, in the Builder Hardware Industry, D&D has been offering our customers high quality Glass Hardware production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, D&D always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Glass Hardware

Related hardware of glass

Glass Hardware - Glass door knob, glass clamp, glass hinge, glass handle and glass connector
Glass door knob, glass clamp, glass hinge, glass handle and glass connector

Our glass hardware is a group of metal hardware used for protection, decoration, and convenience in glass doors, such as Glass Patch Fitting, Glass Patch Lock, Glass Clamp, Glass Hinge, Glass Pivot, Towel Bar, Push and Pull Handles, Knobs, Glass Connectors and Glass Sliding hardware, which support glass door and make door work better.

  • Glass Patch Lock - Glass patch lock
    Glass Patch Lock
    Glass Patch Locks

    The glass patch lock is used for frameless glass interior doors, office doors and sanitary doors. The great transformable glass patch lock has different models, like Dummy, Switch, Cylinder and Indicator types by the interchangeable components.

  • Glass Lever Handle - Glass lever handle
    Glass Lever Handle
    Glass Lever Handles

    A lever handle is combined with glass lever fitting as a complete lock set.

  • Glass Patch Fitting - Glass patch fitting fixed at the corners of glass
    Glass Patch Fitting
    Glass Patch Fittings

    The patch fitteings are used for tempered glass assemblies, either internally or externally.

  • Glass Hinge - Glass hinge, shower hinge
    Glass Hinge
    Shower Hinge

    The door hinge for glass door connects glass panel and glass panel or wall and glass panel, makes glass door opening and closing. There are wall mount, 180 degree glass to glass, 135 degree glass to glass and 90 degree glass to glass for selection.

  • Glass Door Pull - Push pull handle, towel bar
    Glass Door Pull
    Locking Ladder Pull, Hollow and solid push pull handle

    The hollow or solid handle is used for commercial glass door.

  • Towel Bar - Towel bar
    Towel Bar
    Towel Bar

    A towel bar is a horizontal bar a few inches from a wall for holding towels, nomally, a towel bar is installed in a bathroom, shower room or toilet.

  • Glass Door Knob - Door knob, glass door handle
    Glass Door Knob
    Door handles

    A door knob is an attached object used to manually open or close a door, could be single mounted or double side mounted.

  • Glass Clamp - Glass clamp for balustrade
    Glass Clamp
    Glass clamp

    The glass clamp is used to hold the glass panel in a fixed position for glass shelf or glass balustrade.

  • Glass Connector - Glass connector, glass clip
    Glass Connector
    Glass connector and glass clip

    A glass connector is used to hold and connect two glass panels in a fixed position.

  • Glass Pivot - Glass pivot
    Glass Pivot
    Pivot of swing glass door

    The pivot is designed for swing glass door, the related pivots replace traditional patch fitting to fix the glas door.

  • Glass Sliding Hardware - Sliding glass door hardware
    Glass Sliding Hardware
    Hardware of sliding glass door

    A sliding system is used for frameless glass door.

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