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6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

D&D's 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer is a semi-automatic style door closer. When the door is opened, the self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically, the smooth closing performs just like an electric style automatic door. The eco-friendly 6 SLIDEback sliding door closer is a non-electrified device, just add SLIDEback sliding door closer on the sliding door to have a door operate like an automatic sliding door with noise reduction, energy efficiency and saving money.

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Our glass patch lock PLI-10LR series applies for the fascinating frameless glass doors and it is a simple and elegant lever handle lock set for frameless glass door in the private environment. We developed an extensive series of glass patch lock for single action door with radius shape and mechanical latch, including dummy model, lever switch model and euro cylinder model.


OEM Service | Door Closer & Hardware Manufacturer | D&D

Based in Taiwan, D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO., since 2002, is a OEM Service | door closer & hardware supplier. Main products, including door hinge, door handle, door lock and cylinder, door closer, door accessory and so forth.

TÜV Rheinland & UL certified door closer and hardware production from designing, molding, plastic injection, stamping, forging, die casting to CNC machining, has over 20 years with plentiful experiences in handling various architectural hardware. SLIDEback sliding door closer, the patented connecting design provides various applications for different sliding doors, and the connection and separation switching bar design allow having a door with or without auto-closed function.

D&D has been offering customers high-quality door closer and hardware, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, D&D ensures each customer's demands are met.

OEM Service

Customized Hardware, Custom made Service

OEM Service - Customization

We have strong manufacturing capacities to produce a product according to a samples, drawings and meet your requirements.

What we carry on is the parts made by stamping, lathing, CNC machining, die casting, casting, forging, extrusion, plastic injection and assembling.

D&D can produce parts and hardware that may be marketed by customers. We also design and manufacture a product as specified, that is eventually rebranded by customers for sale.

If your items need skill and it is complicated to produce, then please give us a chance, we believe our quality can meet your needs. You're always welcome to contact us anytime via our email, ddsales@dnd.com.tw. We will get you back as soon as possible.

  • CNC Turning Parts - CNC machining
    CNC Turning Parts
    Milling, Lathe, Machining

    The CNC turning parts are widely used in the auto parts industry… We use the modern CNC systems to produce our products with precise sizes in different materials (SS304, SS316, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc alloy…), it could be produced per your requested, also, we design of a mechanical part and its manufacturing program is highly automated and you do not have to worry about the size or quality…, because D&D has a great experience and quality check team. If there is any need or question, please feel free to contact us and provide your drawing or samples with us, we will evaluate further and our engineering team might provide some comments for you.

  • Plastic Injection - Plastic conponents
    Plastic Injection
    Plastic Forming, Plastic Injection Moulding parts, Plastic Extrusion

    In order to cut costs down, more and more parts choose to be made by plastic, also the process is very fast compared to other methods, and the high production output rate makes it even more efficient and cost-effective.  Another good thing is, plastic injection molding is an environment-friendly process. The scrap plastic generated during the production process is reground and re-used. Therefore, the process generates very little waste.    With the right design, the part can be constantly also with quality, on the other hand, without the right design, the costly processing of mistakes could be made. We use the injection and molding to produce a variety of plastic products per requested.     If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: DDSALES@DND.COM.TW We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Rubber Injection - Rubber parts
    Rubber Injection
    Rubber injection molding, Rubber molding

    Why choose Rubber, but not plastic? Actually, it does not have an actual saying which material you should choose. The most important thing for selection is where the item is going to be used? And what are you expecting it to be? Then you could know which material might be the better choice, and that is why when our customers do not know which material they are going to use, we will ask for the usage and where it is going to be installed… first, then giving the comments later on. Rubber is a material with good ability to extend, but plastic is not... The shape of rubber is easy to be changed when there is an external force, but the shape could deform when the force is removed. Therefore, it will be your best choice if the item should have ductility. Also, it could avoid the noise, heat, vibration, corrosion, friction… If there is a new project, please feel free to contact and discuss with D&D. We can help from material selection, designing suggestions, mold development and production… We are good at customizing the rubbers parts by our rubber molding machine.

  • Stamping - OEM Stamping item
    Pressing, Punching, Progressive stamping, Metal stamping

    Stamping is a manufacturing on the products which is simple and without many angles, by punching, pressing, blanking, and piercing, the cold metal sheet will become the shape of the item you need. Or if you need a large quantity of metal parts, then we will suggest stamping if the shape is okay to produce by our machine, this will be faster and economical than other kinds of processing. If you could not find a suitable manufacturer to produce your products, please feel free to contact us and provide your drawing or samples with us, we will evaluate further and our engineering team might provide some comments for you, for example, which kind of material will be more suitable, which kind of process will be better, or… If possible, please share your target price too, thank you~

  • Deep Drawing - Deep draw stamping, Deep drawing process
    Deep Drawing
    Deep drawing pressing, Drawing deep

    What are the benefits of using deep drawing? 1. The speed of a punch press moving up and down, it is an efficient method. 2. Deep drawing produces shapes with closed ends, it can avoid the need to cut and weld multiple pieces. 3. There are no joins for deep drawing that can make for anything that needs to be water or gas-tight. 4. If the tooling was made correctly,the deep drawing process conforms very close to the drawing. 5. Deep drawing can produce very strong parts, because it allows a certain amount of movement but beyond that it becomes locked. If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: DDSALES@DND.COM.TW We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Forging - Forging
    Cold forging, Warm forging, Hot forging

    Forging is a manufacturing process through which a solid metal workpiece is deformed and then re-shaped using compression. Also forged pieces are stronger than the same piece created through casting or machining.   For cold forging, the shapes are usually more basic and mass-produced For hot forging, it is the best option because of it's malleable state before hardening. This method is ideal for creating 3D and complex shapes.   Both forging methods can be effective ways to strengthen and form your metal workpieces into the final product you need.   If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: DDSALES@DND.COM.TW We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Die Casting - OEM Die Casting item
    Die Casting
    Accurate die casting, Die casting molding

    Die casting is suitable for a large quantity item with small to medium size; especially the parts are relatively simple and need an accurate dimension, smooth or sharp surface… For materials, like brass, lead, zinc, aluminum alloy are okay to be produced by die casting, but steel is not suitable. In this way, the unit price is cheaper since the process is less than other processes, but the molding cost will be higher. If there is any need, please feel free to contact us and provide the drawings or samples, we will evaluate further and share the comments with you.

  • Lost Wax Casting - Lost-wax casting
    Lost Wax Casting
    Investment casting, Precision casting

    Lost wax casting can achieve intricate works for stainless steel, brass, bronze, alloy, silver and gold parts. It is widely used for different industries, building hardware, dentistry, art… since 6,000 years ago. The normal process of the lost wax casting is as below for your reference, but it will be a little different based on the application or items requirements. Design the Mold – Make the Mold – Produce wax patterns – Assemble the wax pattern – Apply investment material – Burnout – Pouring – Devastating – Finishing – Packing – Delivering What are the benefits of Lax Wax Casting? 1. Accurate dimension 2. Apply on most of metals 3. Complex parts are available 4. Net shape components 5. Save processing time 6. Suitable for hard metal Any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us directly anytime. Thank you!

  • Powder Metallurgy - Powder metallurgy products
    Powder Metallurgy
    Powder forming

    We use powder metallurgy to avoid or greatly reduce the need to use metal removal processes, thereby drastically reducing yield losses in manufacture and often resulting in lower costs. It is easy to obtain and inexpensive. Powder metallurgy is a near nett shape forming process, therefore the dimensional and the accuracy is quite high. Powder metallurgy can also produce geometries not possible by processes such as machining. The production time of  using powder metallurgy is quite short which has economic benefits. If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: DDSALES@DND.COM.TW We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Springs - Coil Spring
    Coil spring

    Springs could be made from a variety of elastic materials, the most common being spring steel, we have variety machines which can produce springs with different sizes, materials, extension and toques per your requests. If there is any need, please feel free to share your drawings or samples with us, we will evaluate and get you back as soon as possible.

  • Fasteners - Fastener, screw, nut
    Fastener, Screw, Nut, Miscellaneous Hardware

    Industrial fasteners are hardware to hold, connect and to secure the materials together.   A majority of fasteners are made of steel owing to its resilient mechanical properties. Stainless steel fasteners are mainly used in applications where the primary requirements include high tensile strength, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.  What we produced is the various fasteners, nuts and screws. Please advise the specification to us, we can make standard fasteners, nuts and screws and custom-made parts.    If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: DDSALES@DND.COM.TW We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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