D&D Builders Hardware Co. is a door closer and hardware manufacturer in Taiwan, produces hardware for doors and windows.

Door Closer and Floor Spring

There are many door closers for your selection, including SLIDE-back sliding door closer, ONE Touch storm door closer, traditional hydraulic door closers and pneumatic door closers. Please click door closer and floor spring to download the catalogue.

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  • SLIDE back sliding door closer - 5SDC series
    SLIDE back sliding door closer - 5SDC series

    The SLIDE back sliding door closer can be installed in the sliding door to make sure the door closed any time after people are in and out frequently.

  • ONE Touch storm door closer
    ONE Touch storm door closer

    The pneumatic storm door closer makes swing door close very gently and smoothly, and it has an amazing hand-touched button for hold-open function.

  • Door Closer
    Door Closer

    The hydraulic door closers are 100% made in Taiwan with reliable and durably quality.

  • Traditional storm door closer
    Traditional storm door closer

    We have various traditional storm door closers with different specifications for your selection. You're welcome to let me know your requirements, we will check if we have the matched models.

  • Floor Spring
    Floor Spring

    Our floor hinges mount in the floor directly under the pivot point and are completely concealed. The floor spring can be set to return the door to a closed position, or fix it open at 90 degree or 130 degree.

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