Popular products in the US market

Popular products in the US market

2021/03/12 D&D
Popular products in the US market - Popular products in the US market
Popular products in the US market

Because of the COVID-19, the selling performance worldwide was not as good as previous; some countries lockdown, and some companies reduce the production line… due to the less demand. However, there are some items that we would like to introduce to you which are still selling like a hot cake, and compared to other items, the demand of those items do not influence us as much as other products, we still sold to the US market in the tough time last year.

1. Hydraulic screen door closer, PDC-200 Series
2. Pivot hinge, PC-04 Series
3. Dust proof strike, FB-91 Series

If you are interested in any one of them, please feel free to view more information as below, Related Products.

We have extensive and rich metal processing, plastic and rubber processing experience, such as: stamping, casting, die casting, forging, extrusion, CNC turning parts, Machining parts, plastic injection, rubber compression, transfer molding and injection molding….. We provide OEM/ODM service, can produce the products according to your requirements, or design or samples if there is a certain quantity.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in any of our current products, you’re welcome to contact us anytime; we can put your brand logo on the products to create your company’s brand image.

Thanks for your reading. Have a nice day!

Related Product
  • Tubular Hydraulic Door Closer - Hydraulic screen door closer
    Tubular Hydraulic Door Closer
    PDC-200 series

    Our PDC-200 Series are usually use in Industrial market, no matter building store, cabinet, or gate are all available, it is very popular in the USA, since it has more stable and uniform closing speed, compared to the pneumatic version. Normally, we called tubular hydraulic door closer, but in some countries, they will called it “Cylinder, door closer, item no. #RM09203” or “Door close shock, roller closer, item no. #I-CLOSER-12.875”. If your project has special need of other length or power requirement, please feel free to contact and discuss further with us.

  • Intermediate pivot - SELFclose Hinge Door Closer
    Intermediate pivot

    Our PC-04 is the famous type of intermediate pivot hinge in the US market. This hinge could be right or left handed per request, and variety finishes are available. Someone call it Pivot hinge or DH010-CL-YK-LH, or DH010-BL-YK-RH directly… “CL” stands for the finish of Sliver painted, and “BL” stands for the finish of Black Painted. The RH stands for right-handed, and LH stands for left-handed.

  • Dust Proof Strike, locking version - Dust Proof Strike with lock
    Dust Proof Strike, locking version

    The 2" dust proof strike with lock is designed for use with the bottom bolt of all flush bolts.The dust proof stike is nearly flush with the top of finished floor.Spring loaded plate receives bolt throw and keeps dust out. That is to say, spring loaded plunger returns to floor or threshold level while flush bolt is retracted, eliminating need to clean standard floor strikes.The spring loaded plate with a slot can be locked by turning the slot a little bit, so that the bolt cannot put into the cavity.

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