ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack

ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack / D&D Builders Hardware Co. located in Taiwan, is a professional custom hardware manufacturer with rich experience in producing the OEM/ODM door and window hardware, building hardware and automotive parts according to customers' individual needs and designs.

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

D&D's 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer is a semi-automatic style door closer. When the door is opened, the self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically, the smooth closing performs just like an electric style automatic door.The eco-friendly 6 SLIDEback sliding door closer is a non-electrified device, just add SLIDEback sliding door closer on the sliding door to have a door operate like an automatic sliding door with noise reduction, energy efficiency and saving money.

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Our glass patch lock PLI-10LR series applies for the fascinating frameless glass doors and it is a simple and elegant lever handle lock set for frameless glass door in the private environment. We developed an extensive series of glass patch lock for single action door with radius shape and mechanical latch, including dummy model, lever switch model and euro cylinder model.


ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack | Door Closer & Hardware Manufacturer | D&D

Based in Taiwan, D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO., since 2002, is a ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack | door closer & hardware supplier. Main products, including door hinge, door handle, door lock and cylinder, door closer, door accessory and so forth.

TÜV Rheinland & UL certified door closer and hardware production from designing, molding, plastic injection, stamping, forging, die casting to CNC machining, has over 20 years with plentiful experiences in handling various architectural hardware. SLIDEback sliding door closer, the patented connecting design provides various applications for different sliding doors, and the connection and separation switching bar design allow having a door with or without auto-closed function.

D&D has been offering customers high-quality door closer and hardware, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, D&D ensures each customer's demands are met.

ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack

ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack

ONE Touch Door Closer, Dual pack - Screen door closer with one touch stop
Screen door closer with one touch stop

The old version of ONE Touch in our stock is on sale.
All of our ONE Touch has been upgraded to the brand new version. We are going to clear out all old version in stock.
If you are in need of them, please contact us and let us know your quantity.
We'd love to offer you very competitive price for these door closers.
Please don't expect a perfect product for these door closers in stock, since they have stayed in our warehouse for a period of time.
But it is a bargain to get these old ONE Touch door closer at very good price and with not bad function.


  • Tapping the button to hold a door open
  • With smooth closing speed
  • Non-handed
  • Closing speed can be adjusted by handtool
  • Different colors in stock


  • Standard door closer without one touch stop + ONE Touch door closer with hold open function
  • Material of closer body: Aluminum
  • Material of door bracket: Nylon
  • Material of jamb bracket: steel
  • Holding force: Maximum 40~45 kgs door

Packing details

  • Single pack: 1 kit in 1 box
  • Dual pack: 1 standard door closer and 1 ONE Touch door closer in 1 box


  • For American style storm door and screen door
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  • ONE Touch storm door closer
    ONE Touch storm door closer

    The pneumatic storm door closer makes swing door close very gently and smoothly, and it has an amazing hand-touched button for hold-open function.

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  • ONE Touch Door Closer - Hinged door closer, Cylindrical door closer, Storm door closer, push button door closer, smooth door closer, pneumatic door closer.
    ONE Touch Door Closer

    Our ONE Touch is a pneumatic door closer that adopts a fantastic mechanism to have a door with smoother and much more uniform closing motion. Especially the design of the hold open button makes the door holds open easier and more convenient. Through the innovative ONE Touch door closer, no more injured fingers come from inconspicuous steel washers.How good is our ONE Touch storm door closer? After installing our ONE Touch, just tap the button before opening a door, which stays open at any angle, then give the door a light push and the door closes gently by itself.ONE Touch storm door closer provides gentle and stable closing speed which is only found on a more expensive hydraulic door closer. ONE Touch is a pneumatic door closer but provides smooth closing speed as well.

  • Pneumatic Door Closer with washer hold-open - Tubular door closer, Screen Door Closer, Storm door closer
    Pneumatic Door Closer with washer hold-open

    A storm door closer holds the door opened by a steel washer. Specially, this storm door closer adopts a high tech to have the door close very smoothly with uniform closing speed. The design of the pneumatic door closer has no oil leakage.Compared to the traditional storm door closer, the smooth door closer has a streamline shape and uniform, gentle closing speed. Don't worry the door bumps the door jamb to have loud bumping noise. And the door will close very well, won't slam on the way.

  • Pneumatic Door Closer - Tube door closers, Traditional cylindrical door closers, Pneumatic Door Closer
    Pneumatic Door Closer
    PDC-100 series

    The traditional door closers have pneumatic (air pressure) and hydraulic types. The pneumatic type of the screen door closer is usually used in residential market or home users, it is appropriate for the aluminum, steel or wood storm and screen doors from 1-1/4" to 2" thick. Normally, this series is for out-swing storm doors, but extra accessories for in-swing storm doors are also available on request.Furthermore, you can make a simple closer adjustment to keep your storm door (screen door) from banging shut, or remaining open when you lower or raise the glass panel for winter or summer. The seasonal adjustment to your pneumatic screen door closer (storm door closer when you install or exchange the screens and glass storm panels.Our most famous type is PDC-110, which is similar to the one which is supplied in the USA, its item number is V920.By the way, if you do not find the type which you are looking for, please feel free to share your drawing with us, we could also customize the pneumatic door closer for you, if there is a certain quantity.

  • Door Closer similar to Dorma TS 68 - Similar to DORMA TS 68 door closer
    Door Closer similar to Dorma TS 68
    DC-D8800 series

    The DC-D8800 series surface mounted door closer is a basic entry door closer with round shape. A standard door closer with scissor arm will be an economical solution for swing doors. The closer's body can be fixed on the door leaf, top frame for vertical or parallel installations by standard accessories plus optional L plate.The DC-D8800 series surface mounted door closer specially apply for light metal and wood doors in commercial and residential builidings.

  • Hydraulic Door Closer without cover - Standard Hydraulic Door Closer
    Hydraulic Door Closer without cover
    DC-M9800 series

    The D&D door closer DC-M9800 series provides different closer body sizes A, B, C types. We don't make the cover for these door closers, but there is a simple aluminum plate to cover the fixing hole and adjusting speed valves.These traditional door closers conform to PSB and UL standards, 100% mad in Taiwan with reliable quality. We promise 5 years warranty and lifetime after sales service.

  • Concealed Door Closer with sliding arm - Concealed door closer
    Concealed Door Closer with sliding arm
    DC-D38, DC-D45, DC-M45 series

    The DC-D3800 and D4500 door closer are designed for concealed installation in door leaf and door frame. This invisible door closer has the same function as the exposed door closer, but it is hidden in the door and door frame. The conceal door closer is suitable for almost every type of doors including internal and external doors.*Forbid selling to Japan: DC-D3800 / D4500 series.

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