D&D Builders Hardware Co. is a professional OEM company to produce metal parts and hardware for doors and windows.

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  • SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer
    SLIDE-back Sliding Door Closer
    3SDC-280 series

    This sliding door closer is a relatively inexpensive door closer for home improvement. It keeps the sliding door always closed without electricity. It stops the insects and dust from coming into house. The spaces of indoor and outdoor are isolated easily.

  • Sliding Track
    Sliding Track
    NTRC series

    Smooth sliding track system, suits for all sliding doors whatever, glass doors or wooden doors. Working with NSDC-280 series is in good condition.

  • SMOOTH Door Closer
    SMOOTH Door Closer
    PDC-600 series

    A Door Closer without hold open function, but the pheumatic door closer is easy using, safe and light, can close door very smoothly. You don't need to worry about oil leakage. The smooth door closer is designed for screen doors and storm doors, the closer is different from the traditional ones. The smooth door closer provides gentler and smoother closing speed, no bumping or slamming issue as the traditional pneumatic closers.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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