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D&D Builders Hardware Co. é um fabricante de ferragens e fechos de portas em Taiwan, produz ferragens para portas e janelas.


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    What is a Virtual Showroom?
    01 Jun, 2022
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    Door and window Rollers line has been update!
    11 Sep, 2021

    D&D Builders Hardware Co. produced many types of door and window rollers, and they were updated on our website already.

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    New products have already hit the store shelves!
    06 Jul, 2021

    Good day to everyone interested in this article!

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    Feedback from Czech Republic - 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer
    29 Mar, 2021

    After around one year of selling, our 6 Series has received a lot of positive feedback worldwide, no matter on its performance, appearance, or our good after service. We really appreciate all of your sharing, those feedbacks keep us improving and growing.

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    New Product: SELFclose Hinge Door Closer - Close your SWING doors automatically
    23 Mar, 2021

    When you talk about door closers for swing doors? What will you think?   Is it the Floor spring? Hydraulic door closer? Pneumatic door closer? Transom closer? Concealed door closer? or…?

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    Popular products in the US market
    12 Mar, 2021

    Because of the COVID-19, the selling performance worldwide was not as good as previous; some countries lockdown, and some companies reduce the production line… due to the less demand. However, there are some items that we would like to introduce to you which are still selling like a hot cake, and compared to other items, the demand of those items do not influence us as much as other products, we still sold to the US market in the tough time last year.

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    Improvemens of SLIDEback sliding door closer
    04 Mar, 2021

    In view of the fact that customers from all over the world have been loving and adopting our SLIDEback for many years. Promote us to uphold the spirit of excellence, improve various small defects, continuously making the product quality better than better.

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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    28 Dec, 2020

    In 2020 Christmas, D&D received a lot of blessings and presents from our business partners all around the world, which is full of love and hope.   It really fulfills our heart with warmth and happiness on the most special day, Christmas.

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    How to reinforce the power of SLIDEback sliding door closer?
    04 Dec, 2020

    Regarding the SLIDEback sliding door closer, D&D would like to share the small tips with you…

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    What is the difference between OEM and ODM?
    18 Nov, 2020

    We usually hear about OEM, ODM… but what does it exactly mean???

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    New Application video was uploaded
    10 Aug, 2020

    Our 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer is mainly developed to install on barn door. Most of the sliding door closer cannot be installed on the barn door. Let's see the operation of 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer on the barn door. Just add the non-electrified device on to make your door close by itself.

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    COVID-19 It is time for MADE IN TAIWAN
    01 Jun, 2020

    COVID-19 has influenced worldwide, it is time for you to reconsider produce in Taiwan, since some factories stop producing, and the lead time is delay, and not stable.However, Taiwan's government has great controlled, and our production line do not stop. It is stable and reliable, just like our quality.Therefore, it's time for you to decide whether switch your products to "Made in Taiwan".

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Fecho de porta e fabricante de ferragens | D&D

Com sede em Taiwan, D&DBUILDERS HARDWARE CO., desde 2002, é fabricante de molas e ferragens. Produto principal, incluindo dobradiça da porta, maçaneta da porta, fechadura e cilindro da porta, mais perto da porta, ferragem de vidro, acessório da porta e assim por diante.

TÜV Rheinland e UL certificadas porta fechada e produção de ferragens desde a concepção, moldagem, injeção de plástico, estampagem, forjamento, fundição para usinagem CNC, tem mais de 20 anos com experiências abundantes no manuseio de várias ferragens arquitetônicas.SLIDEbackporta deslizante mais próxima, o design de conexão patenteado oferece várias aplicações para diferentes portas deslizantes, e o design da barra de comutação de conexão e separação permite ter uma porta com ou sem função de fechamento automático.

A D&D oferece aos clientes fechos de porta e ferragens de alta qualidade, ambos com tecnologia avançada e 15 anos de experiência, a D&D garante que as demandas de cada cliente sejam atendidas.