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Screen & Storm Door

The storm doors and screen doors are mainly used in the USA, Canada, and Australia…, in order to defend against weather, intruders, and insects.

The screen door and storm door might need to use the following accessories per your request, for example, pneumatic and hydraulic door closers, lever handle sets, mortise lock sets and hinges…, and you could purchase the hardware in different size or shape everywhere. However, if you are thinking of importing reliable and stable quality hardware and providing it to your customers, please feel free to contact us, we could also customize those items for you, if there is a certain quantity.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce the most fantastic hardware for you, it is our ONE Touch storm door closer, #PDC-888 as below, which has a magic button to replace the traditional washer, just tap the button before opening a door, which stays opened at any angle, then give the door a light push and the door can close back by itself, it is very convenience, and you do not have to worry if you have full of things on your hands, because you could tap the button by your feet, elbow…And the most important thing is it could be installed on top, middle, or bottom of the door per your own decision.

ONE Touch Door Closer - Hinged door closer, Cylindrical door closer, Storm door closer, push button door closer, smooth door closer, pneumatic door closer.
ONE Touch Door Closer

Our ONE Touch is a pneumatic door closer that adopts a fantastic mechanism to have a door with smoother and much more uniform closing motion. Especially...

Pneumatic Door Closer with washer hold-open - Tubular door closer, Screen Door Closer, Storm door closer
Pneumatic Door Closer with washer hold-open

A storm door closer holds the door opened by a steel washer. Specially, this storm door closer adopts a high tech to have the door close very smoothly...

Pneumatic Door Closer - Tube door closers, Traditional cylindrical door closers, Pneumatic Door Closer
Pneumatic Door Closer
PDC-100 series

The traditional door closers have pneumatic (air pressure) and hydraulic types. The pneumatic type of the screen door closer is usually used in residential...

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ONE Touch storm door closer
ONE Touch storm door closer

The pneumatic storm door closer makes swing door close very gently and smoothly, and it has an amazing hand-touched button for hold-open function.

Tubular door closer
Tubular door closer

We have various traditional storm door closers with different specifications for your selection. You're welcome to let me know your requirements, we will...

Storm Door Handle
Storm Door Handle

The storm door handle set is mainly for American style doors, which are used to manually open or close a door.


ONE Touch screen door closer - Features

ONE Touch screen door closer - INSTALLATION Guide

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