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Glass Storefront Swing Door

Glass Storefront Swing Door

D&D manufacturing many different types of hardware for Glass Storefront Doors and they are 100% made in Taiwan with reliable quality and after service.
Such as Offset Pivot set, Intermediate Pivot, Door Pulls, Deadbolt, Thumbturn Mortise lock, Kick Down Door Holders, and so on.

With reference to Glass Storefront Swing Doors are mostly seen in Outlet Mall or Boutiques which is the main entrance and also the first sight for the venue.
D&D could produce the finish to match your door color per your request to show the consistency of the vision.

Therefore, if you have an on-going project, D&D could offer a whole set of hardware for your Glass Storefront Swing Doors.

If there is any question or need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Intermediate pivot - SELFclose Hinge Door Closer
Intermediate pivot

Our PC-04 is the famous type of intermediate pivot hinge in the US market. This hinge could be right or left handed per request, and variety finishes are available.

Cranked Door Pulls - Grab Bars, Commercial Offset Door Pulls
Cranked Door Pulls

Our HP-04 is the ideal choice for commercial, industrial, residential, shopfront applications, no matter it is a timber, framed or frameless glass door,...

Deadlock with bolt - Adams Rite deadlock MS1850S
Deadlock with bolt

The LT-01 deadlock utilizes a huge bolt of five ply laminated steel bolt with concealed hardened steel pin and provides maximum security on any single...

Thumbturn Mortise Cylinder - Thumbturn Mortise Cylinder
Thumbturn Mortise Cylinder

D&D thumbturn mortise cylinders are machined from solid bar brass. If you have cost concerned, material in zinc alloy is available as well.The CY-22...

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Intermediate Pivot Hinge
Intermediate Pivot Hinge

Our PC-04 is the famous type of intermediate pivot hinge in the US market. This hinge could be right or left handed per request, and variety finishes are available. Someone...


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