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Plastic conponents | D&D Builders Hardware Co. located in Taiwan, is a professional custom hardware manufacturer with rich experience in producing the OEM/ODM door and window hardware, building hardware and automotive parts according to customers' individual needs and designs.

Plastic conponents

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Forming, Plastic Injection Moulding parts, Plastic Extrusion

Plastic injection molding is a widely used process in which molten plastic material, including thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers, is injected under high pressure into a mold cavity. It guarantees cost-efficiency and swift production cycles, optimizing material usage and reducing manufacturing costs without compromising on quality.

Plastic injection molding offers several features:

Scalability: Plastic injection molding is suited for both low and high-volume production runs, enabling seamless scalability to meet varying demand requirements without compromising quality.

Complexity Handling: It is well-suited for manufacturing parts with undercuts, threads, fine details, and multiple features in a single component, reducing the need for assembly.

Versatility in Design: It is Adaptable to various shapes, sizes, and configurations, allowing for the production of a wide range of components, from simple to highly complex designs.

High Efficiency and Consistency: It offers rapid production cycles and ensures consistent part quality, optimizing material usage and reducing production costs, making it cost-effective for mass production.

Some common applications include:
Interior components, car components, electronic components, aviation components, architectural components, laboratory equipment, bottles, containers, household items and toy manufacturing.

Plastic Injection Molding | Advanced Electromagnetic Locks for Enhanced Security Solutions

D&D Builders Hardware Co., a premier Taiwanese manufacturer, specializes in high-quality hardware solutions, including door closers, exit devices, glass hardware, door locks, hinges, handles, and access control systems. Renowned for their innovation and quality, D&D products are crafted to enhance security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in residential and commercial applications. With a commitment to safety and compliance, their UL-certified products ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability. D&D Builders Hardware Co. continues to lead the market with cutting-edge designs and comprehensive door and window solutions.

D&D Builders Hardware Co. excels in providing exceptional service through comprehensive hardware solutions for doors and windows. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their tailored support, expert guidance, and extensive after-sales service. Offering a wide range of high-quality products, including door closers, exit devices, glass hardware, and access control systems, D&D ensures every client receives reliable, innovative, and secure solutions. Their commitment to excellence and industry standards positions them as a trusted partner in both residential and commercial sectors.

D&D has been offering customers high-quality door hardware manufacturing, both with advanced technology and over 20 years of experience, D&D ensures each customer's demands are met.