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Coil Spring


Coil spring

We specialize in crafting springs of any power duty, torque, material, type, size, extension and wire diameter, offering a tailored approach to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need springs designed for heavy-duty industrial applications or precision springs for delicate mechanisms, our expertise allows us to produce a wide diversity of springs to suit diverse needs. Feel free to share your drawings or samples with us, we will evaluate and get you back as soon as possible.

There are several types of springs, each designed for specific applications based on their unique characteristics and functionalities:

Compression Springs
Features: These springs are designed to absorb and store energy when subjected to a compressive force. They provide resistance to being compressed and return to their original shape when the force is removed.
Applications: Automotive, industrial machinery, electronics, and more.

Extension Springs
Features: Extension springs are designed to resist stretching and store energy when pulled apart. They exert a pulling force when extended and return to their original length when the force is released.
Applications: Garage doors, trampolines, door hinges, and various industrial equipment.

Torsion Springs
Features: Torsion springs are designed to withstand rotational or twisting motion. They store mechanical energy when twisted and exert rotational force.
Applications: Garage doors, clipboards, clothespins, and various machinery.

Coil Springs
Features: Coil springs refer to springs formed by winding wire into a cylindrical shape. They can include compression, extension, or torsion springs based on their design and function.
Applications: Automotive suspensions, shock absorbers, mattresses, and more.

Flat Springs
Features: Flat springs have a flat, typically thin, profile and can store energy when bent or deflected. They provide flexibility and are often used in limited space applications.
Applications: Watches, electrical contacts, automotive components, and appliances.

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