D&D Builders Hardware Co. is a door closer and hardware manufacturer in Taiwan, produces hardware for doors and windows.

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  • Door Lock and Cylinder
    Door Lock and Cylinder

    A door with a Lock function is an important component or proper door operation. Such as the office door, the accounting room and bath room will require this function to be adequately secure. The door locks require a pocket, which is cut into the door for locks fitted, including deadbolt, dead latch, hook bolt and mortise lock. Please feel free to view our current items as follows, if there is any suitable item, please feel free to advise the item number, quantity, finish you need via our company email, DDSALES@DND.COM.TW , we will get you back shortly. If you do not find a suitable one, we could provide OEM or ODM service too, please share some photos with dimension or drawing, we will evaluate the possibility of mass production, if there is a certain quantity.

  • Barn Door Lock
    Barn Door Lock

    D&D sliding barn door lock can fix on jamb, door or wall to lock the sliding barn door from inside or outside. The sliding barn door lock can be used on sliding barn door for privacy lock to the bedrooms, bathrooms or where privacy and safety needed are important features to consider.

  • Hook Lock
    Hook Lock

    Hook Lock is suitable for sliding doors and is easily attached to wood or steel door frames.   The lock use in sliding door needs to ensure that once the lock is engaged it is difficult to release the door unless the key is used to unlock it. If you do not find a suitable size or type, please feel free to share your drawings or provide the samples with us, we will evaluate the possibility of the new production for you if there is a certain quantity. Meanwhile, we also can put your brand logo on the product to create your company's brand image. D&D's quality will definitely meet your customers need~

  • Mortise Lock
    Mortise Lock

    D&D mortise locks are intended for standard duty for schools, hospitals and commercial buildings where security, durability and low maintenance are required. These mortise locks are engineered for strength and performance and precisely manufactured to exacting standards.

  • Electromagnetic Lock
    Electromagnetic Lock

    D&D maglocks provides remote access and exit control of internal and external wood, hollow metal and aluminum doors. D&D maglock has the max. 1300 pounds when installed with the supplied mounting plate and screws. The revolutionary design allows the maglock to run on voltages from 12 to 24AC or DC. Available accessories like L and Z brackets allow the maglock to be installed on in-swing as well as out-swing doors.

  • Electric Bolt Lock
    Electric Bolt Lock

    D&D electric bolt locks are recommended for security interior door and cabinet where have no electromegnetic locks. Our electric bolt locks are available in fail safe and fail secure modes, furthermore, D&D also offer a model, EB-27V series, two modes fail safe and fail secure can be changed easily.

  • Glass Patch Lock
    Glass Patch Lock

    D&D glass patch lock kits are intended for use with frameless glass interior doors, office doors and sanitary doors. Our glass patch fitting offers the advantages of flexibility for the consumer. A complete compatibility with current industry standards for glass preparations for 8-12mm toughened glass is without difficulties. Our glass patch locks applies for the fascinating frameless glass doors. We developed an extensive series of glass patch locks for single action door in the private environment. More and more buildings adopt glass doors to give people interesting insights and beautiful views. D&D glass patch lock kits open up new pages and create smooth functional areas for interior doors.

  • Locking Handle
    Locking Handle

    A window handle is used to manually open or close a window. There are various handles for windows for selection. If you could not find the type of window handle, please feel free to share the photo with us, we will recommend the same or similar one for you. *FYI: We do not have listed all of our window handles on our website, so just feel free to send us an email if there is any need.

  • Casement Lock
    Casement Lock

    Window lock is also named sash lock to lock or unlock doors for security. Although it is a very common and simple item which you could purchase from suppliers worldwide. However, after purchasing once or twice, you might find the quality does not meet your customers’ standard, or you are frustrated about the complaints received every day, then D&D will become your best solution, we will provide the most reliable and stable items for you. Could you please share your drawings with us? And also advise the material, quantity, finish? We will evaluate and provide the price which you will be satisfied with.

  • LATCHback Auto sliding door latch
    LATCHback Auto sliding door latch

    Our LATCHback Auto sliding door latch is suitable for the patio doors in back yard, especially you have a swimming pool and kids at home, it can prevent children go outside by themselves, and make your home a safer place.

  • Magnetic Latch
    Magnetic Latch

    The Magnetic Latch Side Pull is a basic general-purpose magnetic gate latch that offers simple, effective latching for home and garden gates. Magna Latch helps to extend the life of a gate by repairing gate sag and movement over time. Swimming pool fences, gates and latches cannot substitute for adult supervision. If using this magnetic latch on these places, consult all appropriate local authorities for safety requirements, the latch will operate properly as you expected.

  • Smart Door Lock
    Smart Door Lock

    Keep all your locks at your fingertips anywhere you go, know who’s coming in to your home, and easily manage access to your premises at distance, the new highly-secured smart door lock designed for your smart home.

  • Sliding Door Mortise Lock
    Sliding Door Mortise Lock

    similar to Adams Rite MS1847 series deadlock

  • Sliding Barn Door Lock
    Sliding Barn Door Lock

    D&D sliding barn door lock can fix on jamb, door or wall to lock the sliding barn door from inside or outside. The sliding barn door lock can be used on sliding barn door for privacy lock to the bedrooms, bathrooms or where privacy needed. *Note: If you are in emergency situation, the sliding barn door lock can be unlocked by credit card or similar things.

  • Bottom Rail Deadbolt Lock
    Bottom Rail Deadbolt Lock

    similar to Adams Rite MS1861-01 series bottom Rail deadbolt

  • Bottom Rail Lock
    Bottom Rail Lock

    Brass and Zinc alloy version Bottom Rail Lock are available.

  • Bottom Rail Deadbolt Lock
    Bottom Rail Deadbolt Lock

    similar to Adams Rite MS1861-02 series bottom Rail deadbolt

  • Two-Point Deadbolt Lock
    Two-Point Deadbolt Lock

    similar to Adams Rite MS1875 series Two-Point deadlock

  • Standard Duty Deadlatch
    Standard Duty Deadlatch

    Flexibility of traffic control during and after business hours is offered by D&D LD-01 deadlatches. A reverse turn of the key while bolt is held retracted retains the bolt to allow two-way traffic and hold the door open temporarily for hospitals, banks, stores and other buildings which require free entrance at times and exit-only at other times.

  • Deadlock with bolt
    Deadlock with bolt

    The LT-01 deadlock utilizes a huge bolt of five ply laminated steel bolt with concealed hardened steel pin and provides maximum security on any single leaf door, even a very tall and flexible one or an installation where the gap between door and jamb is greater than it should be.

  • Mortise Lock
    Mortise Lock

    Oval Cylinder Mortise Lock

  • Mortise Lock
    Mortise Lock

    similar to Yale Y590, Y591, Y592 Short Backset Mortise Deadlock, A single action bolt with steel case and laminated steel bolt. Available in both 22mm bolt throw and 36mm bolt throw variations. The bolt is positively dogged in both the locked and unlocked position before the key can be withdrawn.

  • Mortise Dead Lock
    Mortise Dead Lock

    The mortise dead lock is prepared for oval cylinder, one turn pushes the brass bolt out to lock the metal frame doors. You can expect the highest quality and dependable security for swing door from this mortise dead lock operated by oval cylinder.

  • Mortise Lock
    Mortise Lock

    European Profile Cylinder Mortise Lock

Result 1 - 24 of 308

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