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Rubber Injection

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Rubber parts

Why choose Rubber, but not plastic?

Actually, it does not have an actual saying which material you should choose.

The most important thing for selection is where the item is going to be used? And what are you expecting it to be?

Then you could know which material might be the better choice, and that is why when our customers do not know which material they are going to use, we will ask for the usage and where it is going to be installed… first, then giving the comments later on.

Rubber is a material with good ability to extend, but plastic is not...
The shape of rubber is easy to be changed when there is an external force,
but the shape could deform when the force is removed.
Therefore, it will be your best choice if the item should have ductility.
Also, it could avoid noise, heat, vibration, corrosion, friction…

If there is a new project, please feel free to contact and discuss it with D&D.
We can help with material selection, designing suggestions, mold development, and production…

We are good at customizing the rubbers parts with our rubber molding machine.

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