Door Accessory

Sliding Door Closer

Sliding Door Closer

Self-closing keeps door closed, without electricity need. It's easy and energy saved. Gaining the most by limited budget.

Transformable Locks

Transformable Locks

The interchangeable parts, make one lock work out extra models like Dummy, Switch, Cylinder and Indicator.


D&D Door Accessory Service Introduction

D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. is Taiwan Door Accessory supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 2002, in the Builder Hardware Industry, D&D has been offering our customers high quality Door Accessory production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, D&D always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Door Accessory

Door Security

Door Accessory - Door Security
Door Security

Use D&D's door accessory for every detail of your door including dust proof strike, door stop, flush bolt, door gurard, swing bar lock, surface bolt, door roller and door viewer.

  • Dust Proof Strike - Dust Proof Strike
    Dust Proof Strike
    Dust Proof Strike

    The dust proof strike uses with flush bolts to prevent dirt, dust and debris from floor clogging strikes, could be with thresholds or without thresholds.

  • Door Stop - Door catch, roller catch, ball catch
    Door Stop
    Door Holder, Door Catch, Roller catch, Ball catch, Door stop, door holder

    Door catch is also named roller catch and ball catch, which make sure the door closed completely. A doorstop is also name door stopper, door stop, door holder or door wedge, which is used to hold a door open, to prevent a door from opening too widely or striking another object.

  • Flush Bolt - Flush bolt,  door bolt
    Flush Bolt
    Manual Flush Bolt

    A door latchbolt acts as a ramp to push the bolt in while the door is being closed.

  • Chain Door Guard - Door flip guard, chain guard & slide bolt for door security.
    Chain Door Guard
    Door flip guard, Chain guard & Slide bolt

    For security, a door guard makes people watch over the slim door gap to make sure the visitors outside. A door chain is a device to secure door opening.

  • Security Door Guard - Door Guard
    Security Door Guard
    Door Guard

    The swing bar lock is a security locking device for hinged swing-in doors, allowing a door to be slightly opened to allow safe viewing and ventilation. Besides, for child safety, the swing bar lock can also be installed out of reach of children so they cannot open the door by themselves.

  • Barrel Bolt - Slide Bolt
    Barrel Bolt
    Slide Bolt

    The barrel bolt has the bolt move left and right to lock doors, it is ideal for securing internal doors and applies for left or right hand swing wood and metal doors.

  • Door Roller - Sliding roller for timber door and aluminum door
    Door Roller
    Roller of sliding door

    The rollers are used for timber sliding doors, sliding door with aluminum frame, pocket door or glass door. The rollers can be mounted on the floor track or be suspended from a track on the top of door.

  • Door Viewer - Door viewer and peephole viewer
    Door Viewer
    Peephole viewer

    A peephole allows the people behind the door check visitors outside without opening the door.

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