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Door Security / D&D Builders Hardware Co. located in Taiwan, is a professional custom hardware manufacturer with rich experience in producing the OEM/ODM door and window hardware, building hardware and automotive parts according to customers' individual needs and designs.

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer

D&D's 6 Series SLIDEback sliding door closer is a semi-automatic style door closer. When the door is opened, the self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically, the smooth closing performs just like an electric style automatic door.The eco-friendly 6 SLIDEback sliding door closer is a non-electrified device, just add SLIDEback sliding door closer on the sliding door to have a door operate like an automatic sliding door with noise reduction, energy efficiency and saving money.

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Glass Patch Lock set with mechanical latch for interior door

Our glass patch lock PLI-10LR series applies for the fascinating frameless glass doors and it is a simple and elegant lever handle lock set for frameless glass door in the private environment. We developed an extensive series of glass patch lock for single action door with radius shape and mechanical latch, including dummy model, lever switch model and euro cylinder model.


Door Accessory | Door Closer & Hardware Manufacturer | D&D

Based in Taiwan, D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO., since 2002, is a Door Accessory | door closer & hardware supplier. Main products, including door hinge, door handle, door lock and cylinder, door closer, door accessory and so forth.

TÜV Rheinland & UL certified door closer and hardware production from designing, molding, plastic injection, stamping, forging, die casting to CNC machining, has over 20 years with plentiful experiences in handling various architectural hardware. SLIDEback sliding door closer, the patented connecting design provides various applications for different sliding doors, and the connection and separation switching bar design allow having a door with or without auto-closed function.

D&D has been offering customers high-quality door closer and hardware, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, D&D ensures each customer's demands are met.

Door Accessory

Door Security

Door Accessory - Door Security
Door Security

Use D&D's door accessory for every detail of your door includes dustproof strike, doorstop, flush bolt, door guard, and swing bar lock, surface bolt, door roller, and door viewer.

Please feel free to view our current items as follows.
If there is any suitable item, please feel free to advise the item number, quantity, finish you need, then we will get you back shortly.

If you do not find a suitable one, we could provide OEM or ODM service too.
Please share some photos with dimensions or drawings, and we will evaluate the possibility of mass production if there is a certain quantity.

  • Dust Proof Strike - Dust Proof Strike
    Dust Proof Strike
    Dust Proof Strike

    The dust-proof strike used with flush bolts to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from floor clogging strikes, could be with thresholds or without thresholds.This Dust Proof Strike is made from high-quality materials and 100% made in Taiwan, offering great function and value for your home.D&D provides different finishes, if there is a certain quantity, please specify your requirement.

  • Door Stop - Door catch, roller catch, ball catch
    Door Stop
    Door Holder, Door Catch, Roller catch, Ball catch, Door stop, door holder

    The door stop could keep the door in the position you need and also prevent when the door opens too far and damages the wall with scratches.D&D manufactures door holders in a variety of styles like brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and finishes such as polished brass, chrome-plated, satin nickel, and so on...If there is any need, please specify the material and the finish, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Flush Bolt - Flush bolt,  door bolt
    Flush Bolt
    Manual Flush Bolt

    Flush bolts are recessed into the door edge (top and bottom) and slide upward or downward into the jamb (or threshold) to keep the door closed, therefore the door latch bolt acts as a ramp to push the bolt in while the door is being closed.  The manual flush bolt is held retracted until a person manually re-latches the door by moving the small lever to extend the bolt into the strike.  If there is any need, please feel free to contact us and advise the length of the rods you need.

  • Chain Door Guard - chain door guard
    Chain Door Guard
    Chain guard

    D&D chain door guards have a chain locking design to offer additional security to stop stranger entry to your room and home.D&D chain door guards are easy to install and provide high security with zinc alloy or brass materials for secondary door lock security.No matter there is a need to finish, size or shape… D&D could meet your requirements!

  • Security Door Guard - Door Guard
    Security Door Guard
    Door flip guard

    D&D door guards have a ball locking design to offer additional security to stop stranger entry to your room and home, also they are easy to install and provide high security with zinc alloy or brass materials for secondary door lock security.If there is a certain need for other models, we are capable of customizing one for you. Furthermore, you could put your logo on the item or packing too.

  • Barrel Bolt - Slide Bolt
    Barrel Bolt
    Slide Bolt

    The barrel bolt is very common hardware, which will be used in most of the family; it has the bolt move left and right to lock doors, it is ideal for securing internal doors and applies for left or right-hand swing wood and metal doors.Instead of the two types of barrel bolt as follows, there are other models with different finishes for your selection too.

  • Window and Door Roller - Sliding roller for timber door and aluminum door
    Window and Door Roller
    Roller of sliding door

    The rollers are used for timber sliding doors, sliding doors with an aluminum frame, pocket doors, or glass doors. The rollers can be mounted on the floor track or be suspended from a track on the top of the door.The quality of the roller will definitely influence the performance of your sliding door or window, a sliding door or window with good quality of rollers could move very smooth and stable since it will affect others' first image of your home.Therefore, stop hesitating, and soon contact D&D, I believe you and your customers will love our rollers after using them.

  • Door Viewer - Door viewer and peephole viewer
    Door Viewer
    Peephole viewer

    D&D door viewers could be produced in brass and zinc alloy, and are available in various finishes and styles.The door viewers help to prevent the entry of strangers and increase safety, after installation, you could know who is knocking on the door from the peephole with a glass lens and decide whether you are going to open the door or not, the clean and wider efficient visual angle allows the people behind the door check visitors outside easily.D&D produced a variety of door viewers for your selection. Please feel free to contact us via our company email, DDSALES@DND.COM

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