Lost Wax Casting

Lost-wax casting

Lost Wax Casting

Investment casting, Precision casting

Lost Wax Casting - Lost-wax casting
Lost-wax casting

Lost wax casting can achieve intricate works for stainless steel, brass, bronze, alloy, silver, and gold parts. It is widely used for different industries, building hardware, dentistry, art… since 6,000 years ago.

The normal process of the lost wax casting is as below for your reference, but it will be a little different based on the application or items requirements.

Design the Mold – Make the Mold – Produce wax patterns – Assemble the wax pattern – Apply investment material – Burnout – Pouring – Devastating – Finishing – Packing – Delivering

What are the benefits of Lax Wax Casting?
1. Accurate dimension
2. Apply on most metals
3. Complex parts are available
4. Net shape components
5. Save processing time
6. Suitable for hard metal

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