D&D Builders Hardware Co. is a door closer and hardware manufacturer in Taiwan, produces hardware for doors and windows.

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  • ONE Touch Door Closer
    ONE Touch Door Closer

    Our ONE Touch is a pneumatic door closer adopts fantastic mechanism to have a door with smoother and much more uniform closing motion. Especially the design of hold open button makes the door holds open easier and more convenient. Through the innovative ONE Touch door closer, no more injured fingers comes from inconspicuous steel washer.How good is our ONE Touch storm door closer? After installing our ONE Touch, just tap the button before opening a door, which stays open at any angle, then give the door a light push and door closes gently by itself.ONE Touch storm door closer provides gentle and stable closing speed which is only found on a more expensive hydraulic door closer. ONE Touch is a pneumatic door closer but provides smooth closing speed as well.

  • Pneumatic Door Closer
    Pneumatic Door Closer

    A Door Closer without hold open function, but the pheumatic door closer is easy using, safe and light, can close door very smoothly. You don't need to worry about oil leakage. The smooth door closer is designed for screen doors and storm doors, the closer is different from the traditional ones.The smooth door closer provides gentler and smoother closing speed, no bumping or slamming issue as the traditional pneumatic closers.

  • Screen Door Closer
    Screen Door Closer
    PDC-100 series

    Easy using and economy for your screen/storm doors. Extra accessory kit is available on request.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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