D&D Builders Hardware Co. is a door closer and hardware manufacturer in Taiwan, produces hardware for doors and windows.

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  • SLIDEback Sliding Door Closer
    SLIDEback Sliding Door Closer

    Our SLIDEback sliding door closer can upgrade your sliding door like an fully automatic sliding door. Don't need to change a new sliding system, just add our SLIDEback sliding door closer on your current sliding system to keep a door always closed.How does SLIDEback sliding door closer work for a door? After installing SLIDEback sliding door closer, open a door manually, then the door willl close back by itself.Furthermore, SLIDEback sliding door closer is a shortcut to do something for green and go green building. The best chacteristic of our SLIDEback sliding door closer is non-electrified, this mechanism is energy efficient and climate-ready and has been tested for durability and perfect performance.Our 3SDC SLIDEback sliding door closer has been upgraded to the 5th generation, named 5SDC SLIDEback sliding door closer. SLIDEback sliding door closer is a good value for home improvement. SLIDEback sliding door closer keeps the sliding door always closed, no need electricity. SLIDEback sliding door closer stops the insects and dust from coming into house. The spaces of indoor and outdoor can be isolated easily.**While installation, please note the door closer has to be fixed all in a HORIZONTAL LEVEL for perfect operation.

  • SELFCLOSE Sliding Door Closer, Non-electrified device
    SELFCLOSE Sliding Door Closer, Non-electrified device

    D&D's SELFCLOSE sliding door closer is a semi-automatic style door closer. When the door is opened, the self-closing feature can make the door closed automatically, the smooth closing performs just like an electric style automatic door.The eco-friendly SELFCLOSE sliding door closer is non-electrified device, just add SELFCLOSE sliding door closer on the sliding door to have a door operate like an automatic sliding door with noise reduction, energy efficiency and saving money.The SELFCLOSE sliding door closer has thinner cylindrical tube, durable lifetime and maintenance free, can have the indoor and outdoor isolated.The SELFCLOSE sliding door closer for different door types such as timber door, steel door, aluminum door, patio door and frameless glass door could be widely used for commercial, industrial hospital and residential.D&D's SELFCLOSE sliding door closer is the 6th generation of SLIDEback sliding door closer.

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